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Ray Perkel with Friends


Ray Perkel has been creating music since the early '60s. In the '70s he featured in a highly original trio called Audacle, playing original soft electric music to a following of devoted fans at the Wits university campus in Johannesburg.

In the late 70s Ray rediscovered his Jewish roots, became a devotee of Chassidic Judaism and married his artist wife Miriam. They have raised a family of 6 children.

In 2002 Ray began a new phase in his musical career. This began with the formation of the band Neshima and the recording of an album entitled Hakol Letovah. This world music album is a highly innovative fusion of Hebrew/Chassidic music with African and Latin rhythms and has delighted fans in several countries around the world. The band toured Israel in mid-2002, playing to enthusiastic concert and club audiences.


In 2005 Ray produced his first solo album, New Journey. On it Ray sings (mostly) his own compositions to his steel string guitar accompaniment, backed by acclaimed musicians such as Concord Nkabinde (often heard with Johnny Clegg) on bass and fretless bass, Kevin Davidson on flute, Johnny Sklar on nylon string guitar, Elad Neeman (Israel) on percussion, Paul Kimmel on bass flute, Akiva Centner and Shmueli Perkel on penny whistle, and others.

Ray currently continues to explore original fusions of Jewish music with music of the African continent where he lives. He stages occasional community concerts and often convenes informal social events where friends come together to connect around music and spiritual discussion. Ray also works as a Holistic Healer (EFT Meridian Therapist) and Life Coach.

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