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Ezra Altschuler Simcha Band


Born in Cape Town, Ezra Altschuler has been a chazzan since the age of 13 years. He stems from 7 generations of Rabbonim and Chazzonin. He learnt his trade from his father, Menachem and studied at the Cantorial Institute of Tel Aviv in 1993 under Naphtali Herstik, Asher Hainowitz, Raymond Goldstein and renowned voice coach, Solomon Kromchenko who was the lead tenor of the Bolshoi for 25 years. Ezra has served as chazzan of the Constantia Shul in Cape Town, the Claremont Hebrew Congregation in Cape Town and at the Greenside Shul in JHB. Ezra has recorded 3 CD’s- “Blessings from Above”and a double CD “Shabbat in Song”. The 3rd CD, just released, is called ‘Under the Chuppah’. This CD is a compilation of the most popular romantic songs sung to the Bride and Groom under the Chuppah. Ezra’s versatile style spans the spectrum of Jewish music from Jewish soul, to Hassidic, to Jewish contemporary to Chazanut. He has been invited to sing in Israel, USA and England and has performed in concerts with amongst others, Ari Klein, Avron Alter, Yudi Cohen and Kenny Karansky.

Enliven your function with the latest Simcha band, featuring Ezra Altschuler. Ezra has performed at hundreds of functions and he understands that when you pick your band, you’re making the most important decision relating to your special day.  With the Ezra Altschuler Simcha Band, you’re guaranteed an everlasting and memorable event. Whether you’re Chassidish, Yeshivish, or modern, we have the music to make your simcha extraordinary.

Contact Ezra Altschuler at: ezra@jbands.com


Contact Ezra Altschuler at: ezra@jbands.com







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